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Spa-Produkte und Blumen auf weißem Hintergrund

Massage - hydrojet lounger

Ideal for guests who are new to the world of massage, the hydrojet massage offers a gentle and relaxing introduction to the world of wellness.

The lounger can be adjusted to the guest's height and the massage can be aimed at targeted areas of the body for maximum relaxation and during the massage you will be surrounded by the salty air, which further contributes to relaxation and makes the experience even more pleasant.

The combination of gentle, water-based massage and the calming atmosphere makes the hydrojet massage an unforgettable and relaxing experience.

The hydrojet massage at Bummeltime is an ideal way to relax, leave everyday life behind and do something good for yourself.

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Always on the hour

Rosa Himalayasalz

Length of time

35 minutes - Change with the guests of the salt cave

Monat Januar


By arrangement by phone or email

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