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Massage - jade stone lounger

The jade stone massage is known for its profound effects. The warmth of the jade stones penetrates deep into the muscles and ensures intensive relaxation.

The massage can be individually adapted to your needs. You have the option to make settings for specific areas of the body, be it the entire body, the upper half or the lower half of the body.

During the jade stone massage you are surrounded by salty air, which has an additional calming effect. This combination contributes to increased relaxation and a feeling of rest.

The calm and relaxing musical background enhances the wellness experience by creating a peaceful and meditative environment.

At Bummeltime, the jade stone massage in the middle of the salty air and accompanied by soft music offers a unique and deeply relaxing experience.

The combination of the warmth of the jade stones and the targeted massage offers a holistic experience that promotes both physical and mental relaxation.

The jade stone massage in Bummeltime is ideal for guests who are looking for deep and effective relaxation while experiencing the unique benefits of jade stone therapy.

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Always on the hour


Length of time

35 minutes - Change with the guests of the salt cave

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By arrangement by phone or email

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