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Zwei getrocknete Blätter


A center of sociability and relaxation

The ground floor offers a cozy place where our guests can meet for breakfast or small snacks. It is the ideal place to start the day or take a short break in between.

This area also serves as a central meeting point for exchanging ideas and planning joint activities. It is also the perfect place for celebrations and social gatherings.

There is a salt cave and massage areas in the basement. These offer an oasis of peace, relaxation and recreation.

A closed staircase takes you to the upper floor, where there is a comfortable double room. This is perfect for guests looking for spacious accommodation while still valuing proximity to clubhouse amenities.

The clubhouse in our holiday home is a true all-rounder and offers both social and relaxing elements. It is the perfect place for guests looking for activities and company as well as peace and relaxation.


Breakfast & Co

If you want it to be inside.


Celebrations & meeting point

Ideal for unfavorable weather


Stay overnight

Undisturbed and always nearby

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