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Excursion destinations

In the vicinity of "Bummeltime" you will find numerous attractive excursion destinations that will make your short vacation or time out particularly relaxing and relaxing. A visit to Wandlitzsee is a must. With its clear waters and beautiful beaches, it offers ideal conditions for swimming, boating and relaxing on the shore.

Discover the nature park center and agricultural museum in the Barnim Panorama. The diverse exhibitions offer exciting insights into the regional nature and agricultural history.

Just a few kilometers away is Lake Liepnitz, known for its crystal clear water and the idyllic island of Großer Werder. The lake is perfect for a rowing boat or canoe tour.

The Biesenthaler Basin is an ideal destination for nature lovers. The rich flora and fauna in this wetland provides excellent conditions for bird watching and relaxing walks.

The region around Wandlitz is criss-crossed by numerous hiking trails that lead through picturesque landscapes and quiet forests.

Cycle paths around Wandlitz: Explore the area by bike. The diverse cycle paths offer both easy and more demanding routes.

These destinations in and around Wandlitz offer a perfect mix of nature experiences, cultural discoveries and relaxation opportunities and will make your stay in the region unforgettable.

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