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House rules & Telephone numbers

To ensure a pleasant and smooth stay for all our guests, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the following guidelines in our house rules.

House rule

  • Dogs (pets) must be kept on a leash

  • Bicycles must be treated and supervised carefully

  • Kitchen appliances must be checked for defects before use and may only be used properly.

  • Defects must be reported immediately.

  • Play equipment may be used at your own risk and must be treated with care

  • The fireplaces may only be used by prior arrangement.

  • If they are used without prior agreement and damage occurs, all costs will be charged to the guest and no claims for damages will be made.

Telephone numbers

  • police110

  • Fire Department & Emergency service 112

  • Medical on-call service116117

  • Pharmacy emergency service0800 00 22833 or cell phone22833

  • Poison Control+49 30 19240

  • Bernau Hospital+49 3338 694440

  • Helios Klinkum Berlin book +49 30 94010

  • Central blocking number116116

  • Telephone counseling 0800 1110111and 0800 1110222

  • Missing children116,000

  • “Violence against women” helpline08000 116 016

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